Personal Training

Updated Sunday August 6, 2017 by Next Level Athletic Development LLC.

Our personal training programs at Next Level are based off the same philosophy we use to train our athletes.  We start with your mobility/flexibility and stability foundation and build out from there.  It's our goal to provide you the strength and movement foundation you need to help you lose weight, jump start your own training program, or just help you get through your day to day activities at a high level.  Whether you are a former athlete, have never trained before in your lift or a recreational athlete, we will work with you and your goals to help achieve maximum results.

All of our programs are individually designed based off an initial evaluation, injury history as well as current goals and training status.  We may use simple exercises such as bodyweight movements or we may use more advanced implements such as sleds, medicine balls, and barbells to train you as your ability and goals dictate. 

Our 1 on 1 training is a 1 hour training session strictly with you and our staff only.  You will be given full, undivided attention for the hour of training and most likely will also be in the gym by yourself or with only a very small number individuals being trained by another staff member. 

Our semi-private training is also a 1 hour long, individualized training program and you will be given 1 on 1 coaching, however our staff will also be coaching other individuals through their own workout at the same time.   This may simply be yourself and 1 other individual training at the same time or there may be 6-8 other individuals training in this format depending on how many staff members are coaching during the time frame.