Updated Thursday September 24, 2015 by Next Level Athletic Development LLC.

We are very excited that former professional baseball player and current  Kansas City Royals minor league coach, Brian Bocock and Next Level are working together to provide a complete softball and baseball development program for athletes, coaches and parents.   A passion that Brian and I both share is a desire to utilize our knowledge of what softball/baseball  development looks like from a strength and conditioning, skills, and tactical perspective to provide an avenue for athletes to reach the highest competitive level possible.  

 Brian will be doing all of his hitting and fielding lessons at Next Level Athletic Development as well as providing hitting and fielding clinics and mental skills training. Together, we will also be providing clinics for parents, coaches and athletes detailing all areas of specific softball/baseball performance and skills development in addition to providing an open forum for discussion on how to help our area players achieve even greater levels of success.

It's a great opportunity for us to be under the same roof and combine both our areas of knowledge to help our athletes reach a higher level.  Softball/Baseball are unique sports and demand specific skills and specific physical traits and abilities in order to reach elite levels.  The fact Brian and I will be able to communicate on a regular basis about, and observe each other training, the same athlete will help us put together the best individual training program for that athlete. 

I also can't say enough about the experience Brian brings with sport psychology and mental skills development.   Mental Skills development is just  gaining traction in the world of professional sports and some higher level collegiate programs. Two notable professional teams who employ a full time sports psychologist are the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Royals, both of whom have obviously achieved high levels of success.  It's a very new,  underutilized  and underappreciated field among youth athletes, but one I feel is a very crucial to their development.  In fact, Brian has already done some mental skills training with one of my non-softball/baseball athletes and I know both the parents and athlete are pleased with the results and effort Brian has put forth.


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