Our Philosophy

Updated Tuesday March 26, 2019 by Next Level Athletic Development LLC.

At Next Level we provide high quality program design and coaching to athletes of all levels in order to help them reach their maximum potential.

All of our training begins with an individual assessment process.  Depending on the athlete, we will measure isolated joint range of motion, lower body power, upper body power, overall movement patterns under load, and discuss injury history and goals.  We then design an individualized training program for each athlete based off the evaluation.  All of our athletes are coached 1 on 1 with a semi-private training session.

Our overriding philosophy is to take a long-term athletic development approach to all our athletes.  Obviously, this may look at bit different for a 14 years old athlete new to training compared to a D1 athlete with several years of training experience.  However, the same principals still apply.  Basic movement patterns (Squat, hip hinge, lunge, press, row,) have to be established and performed well before moving to more advanced training progressions.  Likewise, basic jumping, landing, change of direction and sprinting technique have to be established before more advanced training progressions. 

Ultimately our goal is to provide our athletes with the physical ability to perform at the highest level possible.