Baseball and Softball Hitting Development

Updated Tuesday March 26, 2019 by Next Level Athletic Development LLC.

Baseball and Softball Hitting Development:

We perform a physical and hitting evaluation prior to beginning any hitting development with an athlete.  The physical evaluation may consist of isolated joint range of motion measurements, lower body and upper body power tests, and overall movement quality under load with basic strength training movements. 

The hitting evaluation consists of using our Blast Motion bat sensor to look at data points such as attack angle, vertical bat angle, rotational acceleration, hand speed, bat speed, barrel path, time to contact and more.   We monitor exit velocity using Pocket Radar.  We utilize video paired with the Blast Motion data

Following the evaluation, we discuss the results with the athlete and detail both a short and long-term individualized development plan with them.  Based on specific goals/needs, an athlete’s training plan may include all or some of the following:

  • Rotational patterning/swing development phase utilizing PVC Pipes, Medicine ball throws, Baseball Rebellion rebel rack, Tee Work and various constraint drills
  • A barrel control phase using Driveline hitting plyo balls and various constraint drills
  • A high output, exit velocity phase using Axe bat overload and underload bats and for softball players our specifically created overload bats, and Pocket Radar
  • Specific pitch location hitting/recognition phase utilizing our 3 wheeled pitching machine that can reach speeds of 105MPH and can create off-speed pitches
  • A blending phase in which we challenge barrel control and output development with live pitching


We take an integrated approach to hitting development by designing the athlete’s physical development program to address any physical issues that may be limiting an optimal swing.  Likewise, we continually work together to plan when an athlete will have a high intensity day with swing development and thus lower intensity day training and vice versa.